Community Programs

At 4 Paws on the Run, we believe that it is important to be involved in the community, give back, and share knowledge, especially when it comes to puppies and dogs and the pawsitive effects that these wonderful creatures have on our lives.

We're happy to be involved with the following programs.

Citadel Canine Society

The Citadel Canine Society is a program that trains Medical Service Dogs for Veterans, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Nurses, and 9-1-1 personnel who are diagnosed with PTSD or an Occupational Stress Injury. Based out of BC but running Canada-wide, Citadel's sole purpose is to train and provide PTSD service dogs. 4 Paws on the Run has been involved with training these hard-working support dogs for years.



Citadel Therapy Canine Society

The Kid Hero Series

The Kid Hero Series is closely aligned in values with the Citadel program because it is a series of books for children who live in a family where stress, trauma, grief, or PTSD has touched their lives. These books are written by a local BC psychologist who lives in a first responder family.


A Hero Lives in My Family: A Story for Kids of First Responders